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How we started


After 15 years of designing kids clothing for corporate America, we decided we wanted to do things the honest and American way.  So we set out to design and produce Made in America sustainable baby clothing and accessories.  We believe every parent wishes to protect their child and what they put on them is no different.  We use only non-toxic dyes and only eco-friendly, high quality, soft materials.  Even our thread and batting are made from organic or recycled fibers.  It is our goal to provide a safe and Made in America option for all parents, whether this is your first or 10th child.  Every child deserves to be safe and every parent deserves to be free from worry when their little one is brought into this world.  There are far too many other things to worry about than the clothing you put your little one in.


Why we do it 

After 5 years of trying to have a baby through fertility treatment, we were one of the lucky ones to successfully bring our daughter Evangeline Hope (Evie) into this world. But not without a physical, emotional, and financial drain on us. When we started creating this brand, one of our biggest motivators was being able to give back and what better way for us to do so than toward a cause closest to our hearts.  Fertility issues strike 1 in every 10 couples throughout the U.S.  There are very few who can actually afford the cost of trying to make their dreams of having children a reality through this process.  We know this burden.  For every item you purchase, 5% of the retail price goes toward supporting a fund that will provide financial assistance for couples who desperately want to grow their family but can not afford to do so.  Everyone should have the chance for a future with their children and a future for their children.  We believe in putting family first.

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